Nice to meet you - I'm Michelle!

I'm a third-year Design major at the University of California, Davis. I was previously an Experience Design Intern at Airbnb on the Internal Tools team for Airbnb Plus. Due to COVID-19, my return offer to intern again as been deferred to Summer 2021. Currently, I am a Co-Director and Co-founder of Design Interactive, the first student-run, human-centered design consultancy at UC Davis. I am also the Director of Design at HackDavis, where I lead the creative vision of a student-run hackathon, and Co-Director of Design at Creative Media, a design firm on campus where I co-lead a team of visual designers to create graphics and branding identities for everything on campus from coffee shops to music festivals

I began my design journey in high school, where my passion for fine arts turned into designing a variety of graphics for clubs and organizations on campus. I always wondered how I could create a greater impact and how I could use design to help people. My curiosity led me to the User Experience Design Program from the University of California, San Diego, where I learned that design is much more than simply aesthetics.

I am striving to become someone with multidisciplinary perspectives and to use my skills and experience to work seamlessly and collaboratively to push the boundaries of human-centered design. I am always hungry to learn and improve and loves seeking new challenges to continually develop myself.

Let's connect!

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