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HackDavis is the first major collegiate hackathon at UC Davis where over 700 students, hackers, and creators come together for 24 hours of hacking.

As the Director of Brand Design, I designed the brand identity for hackathon materials with the marketing team through a style guide, logo, and other branding assets. I also worked with the Director of UI/UX to design the user interface and experience and create user flows, wireframes, and UI components in collaboration with the engineering team.


Branding Identity, Visuals, Illustrations, Event Planning


April 2018 - February 2019


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


Henry Moore, Cyrus Goh, Kaelan Mickowicz, and the HackDavis team

Logo Conceptualization

These were my first sketches for our logo.

Image uploaded from iOS (1) copy
logo sketches

This is the final logo design!

Facebook Event Photo
Sponsorship Package

After the logo, we had a time crunch to push out a sponsorship package so that we could start contacting companies to sponsor our event. My goal was to make it easy to get the most important details from scanning the document, and to organize the sponsorship tiers in a clear and legible manner.

Sponsorship 1
Sponsorship 2
Sponsorship 3
Temporary Site

While we worked on the final official website over the summer, Henry and I released a temporary site for visitors to still get the information they need. We wanted to allude to our theme of a futuristic utopia.

Final Site

I designed all the assets for the final website design. On the splash page, the illustration depicts a city with a greenhouse farm and a water tower, which are the futuristic versions of the farms, greenhouses, and iconic water tower of UC Davis. These power the three tracks of HackDavis: health, education, and environment.

HackDavis website
Screen 2
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T-Shirt Design
Final T-shirt Mockups
Badge Design
Final Badge Design-01
Final Badge Design-02
Some photos of the event!

Overall, it was such an incredible experience being able to work with such an amazing team. Definitely looking forward to HackDavis 2020! 

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